A Harvard Business Review poll noted that the most critical part of customer satisfaction is reducing customer effort.

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CorePlus Credit Union, based out of Norwich, Connecticut, took a big step in growing its digital presence by incorporating Shastic’s member engagement software into their pre-existing web pages and mobile apps.

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Technology, especially Fintech, is designed to make life easier for both companies and the people they serve.

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Most credit unions currently have a process in place to verify each member through the call center. The verification of the member’s identity allows the credit union to perform specific tasks over the phone, such as balance inquiries, transferring funds and making loan payments.

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In the past, people had the time to visit a bank. But all companies must re-evaluate their customer service routines, and market leadership today means exploring how technology can help customers at financial institutions.

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Most people who have a smartphone utilize it for more than just phone calls.

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Not all credit union customer service strategies are created equal. Customer service solutions that incorporate some form of nonverbal messaging are better-off than those without.

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Anyone involved in a technology field can tell you business technology is growing rapidly. What this means for companies is that they must update their technology in order to remain viable in their field of competition. “Set and forget” technologies, or technologies that are not designed to meet the constantly shifting expectations of modern technology, pose problems to potential company growth. In many cases, set and forget technologies can put companies years behind and create cost burdens to businesses. 

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If your company is a fledgling in the world of technology, don’t worry. The term defined data strategy is nowhere near as challenging or technologically advanced as it sounds. 

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Credit Unions are up against tough competition when it comes to providing digital services to a young, growing population. This is particularly true when you consider how just one bad user experience can turn away a potential long-term Millennial customer permanently.

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