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CUTimes covers New MeridianLink SMS announcement

Credit Union Times covered the recent partnership between Shastic’s Elle Text Messaging Platform and MeridianLink. MeridianLink is currently the largest loan origination provider in the U.S. This connection is important because it helps credit unions and banks communicate by text message with their customers as they go through the process of applying for a loan or new account. Results have shown an increase in application completion rates by over 50% as a result.

More About the Partnership

The SMS integration is simple – with a flip of the switch, any financial institution can streamline text messaging communication inside the application and see up-to-the-second tracking inside the platform.

Elle is compatible with every MeridianLink application including all versions of LoansPQ and XpressAccounts, Mobile Responsive and the new Application Portal.

What This Means for Financial Institutions using MeridianLink

This integration is another step Shastic’s Elle platform is taking to serve their customers better. Research has shown that many of the issues customers face when entering a digital application can be solved with SMS communication. The MeridianLink connection is built to improved user experience and increase your completed application volumes.

Shastic is confident that the Elle/MeridianLink integration will help organizations better connect with their banking customers. For more information about what Elle might do for your financial institution, please contact us today.