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Simply connect your origination and processing systems with two-way messaging and AI automation for seamless communications in real time. Smiles all around.

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Eliminate the mundane and time-consuming manual transfer of information from system to system.

Shastic Workforce


Our revolutionary IPA workforce delivery product tracks employees to trigger automated actions based on their daily workflows.

Shastic Engage


Communicate seamlessly with 2-way text messaging integrated with your existing processing systems. Improving close rates and eliminating days of manual work.

Shastic Back Office

Back Office

Anticipate your customer/member needs with automated process-tailored back-office actions.


Integrate operations seamlessly. Improve the customer experience exponentially.

We believe in defying the laws of physics and in seeing the invisible in order to achieve the impossible.

Speed up your process

Fund applications in hours, not days

Our elegant, proprietary system engages document or information requests in real-time – like proof of income, identification or MIP (KYC) data – to turn days of manual work into minutes with magic automation – which gives you the ability to always be in the moment.


Open Rates

4 Minutes

Response Time

1.5 Days

Saved in Processing

Automation at every stage

Collecting documents just got easier

The AI-assisted solution anticipates when your user has abandoned a web application or when the next item on the task list is now needed - making communications and document collection so fast that you have to see to believe. Eliminate the mundane and time-consuming manual transfer of information from system to system.

Bank customer closing a loan in minutes with fast engagement
Easy, Non-Invasive Integration

The convenience of messaging inside your existing origination system

The power of SMS messaging plus IPA provides immediate response and delivery opportunities all on top of your existing systems.


Trigger requests when the information is pending

Enable instant 2-way communication with members, customers and partners throughout any process. Communicate in real time with applicants to collect documents via secure text in minutes, not days to increase processing turnaround.

Robotic process automation to increase lending productivity

Predictable, automated customer touch-points

Seamless autopilot AI continuously studies individual banking processes extensively and aggregates the collective know-how of financial institutions just like yours to eliminate years of training needed to produce tailored automation for your banking processes.

Faster application processing times

Connect with customers inside the systems you use

Go live in as little as five days without an invasive implementation. Shastic is cloud-based banking done right, with minimal implementation, not another disconnected on-premise platform.

ElleX Integrated Inside Finastra Mortgagebot Loan Page

Trusted by industry leaders

MeridianLink, a valued partner of Shastic

"Shastic is intuitive with how it automates text messaging communication when a person enters an application. This partnership is important because it helps solve an ongoing problem - high drop off rates and abandoning an application before its completed."

Doug Glagola, VP of Enterprise Solutions at MeridianLink

"Shastic is bringing a truly exciting app to the FusionStore—one that streamlines communication between lenders and borrowers to make the mortgage process faster and simpler."

Philip Taliaferro, Head of Partner and Fintech Ecosystem at Finastra
FCCU, a trusted client of Shastic

“Given the recent events resulting in the temporary closure of branch lobbies, it’s important to utilize every tool available to maintain a human connection while practicing social distancing. We feel Elle is extremely valuable in identifying and meeting our needs, allowing us to reinforce personal connections with our members.”

Rito Garza, Executive Vice President/Chief Information Officer at First Community Credit Union

Rapidly scale your operation with industry-leading software

Works inside your favorite platforms to centralize your data.

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Enterprise Integrations




Enterprise Integrations


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Shorten the time from approval to funded

Deploy tailored automation to increase lending velocity and reduce operating risk.

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