Anyone involved in a technology field can tell you business technology is growing rapidly. What this means for companies is that they must update their technology in order to remain viable in their field of competition. “Set and forget” technologies, or technologies that are not designed to meet the constantly shifting expectations of modern technology, pose problems to potential company growth. In many cases, set and forget technologies can put companies years behind and create cost burdens to businesses. 

It is this reason why finance and credit union specialists, like W.B. King at Credit Union Times and the people that he interviewed for a recent article, ask that credit unions consider digital strategy in their overall growth plan. This is especially important to customer-facing solutions, as customers expect the utmost from their businesses when it comes to technology solutions. Chris Sasche of ThinkStack stressed in this the same article, that essentially there is no magic solution that ensures continued financial success with a single digital strategy.

Image Source: IBMBLR via Tumblr

What is simple, necessary, and easy varies greatly from decade to decade — if it didn’t, we’d still be carrying pockets full of dimes to use at payphones. It’s simple — the greatest innovators don’t make a single product that last decades, they update to meet with the times.

For more about why credit unions cannot afford to skimp on their digital strategies, check out this article by W.B. King at Credit Union Times.
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