One challenge that credit unions face today is the need to keep themselves relevant. Usually, this involves making a face for themselves on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, but this alone is not key to keeping technologically viable. The key, it seems, is adopting a technological advancement that has been around for decades and yet has been primarily underutilized by companies. The technology? Two-way text messaging.

What does text messaging have to offer that social media, internet, and phone solutions do not? Care through the realization that customer time is precious.

Two-way messaging is a technology solution that connects the customer with another person without the customer needing to visit a branch or call into your call center. And although text messaging has existed in one form or another since 1992, it has grown over 7,000% in the past decade. Customer lives have become busier, and the need for quick answers, easy connection, and customer service that fits with this modern busy lifestyle has become essential.

Two-way text messaging allows financial institutions to communicate with customers on a personal level in a way that reflects the acknowledgment of personal customer need. Customers can “talk” with a human at their own pace and during times that work for them. So, despite social media being a preferred method of entertainment and connection, when it comes to customer service, text messaging still holds true to being a preferred method of contact for financial institution customers globally.

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