Mobile banking is one of the top three most-used apps on consumer smartphones.

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Credit Unions are up against tough competition when it comes to providing digital services to a young, growing population. This is particularly true when you consider how just one bad user experience can turn away a potential long-term Millennial customer permanently.

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The importance of texting as both a social and marketing tool is now more important than ever for businesses.

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Email is attached to everything today in your career and your personal life. With this widespread exposure, it is understandable why so businesses flock to the simple email as a means of marketing. But emailing might not be the best way to reach your audience.

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An article covered in Entrepreneur points out a few things that really do not change much over time — customers, regardless of demographics, always want the same basic things. Author, Derek Gehl breaks down a few approaches to with getting these customers to opt-in to offers that speak to this mindset.

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OpenMarket did a great job of explaining the simplicity of bank text messaging. Beginning first with a brief overview of what different text banking messages look like and explaining the different functionality available to these financial organizations.

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In a recent article, Nichole Wong delves into the expanding world of text messaging for banking. Wong also points out some surprising differences between email and text marketing.

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When it comes to mediums or channels of communication, text messaging is the most underutilized ways of gathering account information from customers, selling them on new products, and ultimately catering to their needs. In recent studies, it is shown that within the first 3 minutes of receiving a text message, 98% of all text messages are read. This statistic alone uncovers hw powerful text messaging can be for banks and credit unions, alike.

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Susan is a CMO at a Washington-based financial institution. She loves her team’s outreach strategy, but deep down she knew something wasn’t right. Her promotional emails were ignored, outbound calls went unanswered, and overall engagement was low. She didn’t know why this was happening, but knew that she had to make a change.

If you work at a bank or credit union, you may have noticed there’s a fundamental shift in how communication is delivered and received, and this change is happening at unprecedented speeds. 

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A common goal for marketing professionals at credit unions is getting the right content to the right audience at the right time. So, you put extra effort into your strategy. You categorize and target your member audience to specific financial products or promotions. You make your email and social media posts engaging. You offer fun and interactive sweepstakes.

However, despite this effort, you notice your members are not responding at the same rate as they have in the past.

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