Everyone has experienced at least one instance in which they’ve had a lackluster customer service experience. The best that companies can hope for with those is that they fall to the wayside, but they can quickly become the bane of a company’s existence

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There are reasons why banks and other financial institutions are adopting mobile-based platforms for their customers: It fosters a sense of closeness that has been lost in the business of the modern world.

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Credit Unions are up against tough competition when it comes to providing digital services to a young, growing population. This is particularly true when you consider how just one bad user experience can turn away a potential long-term Millennial customer permanently.

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If you have a mobile device, chances are you’ve probably gotten an unwanted text or SMS before. They are unavoidable, ranging from unsolicited advertising to ‘special’ marketing promotions. In the end, it makes you ask how your number was made available to this person. Even worse, when customers find out a company they are affiliated with is doing this, a common knee-jerk reaction is to stop being a customer altogether.

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In an article by Tim Fujita-Yuhas of The Financial Brand, the author highlights some staggering statistics concerning text message usage by mobile banking customers. For example, “64% of millennials prefer text messages to voice for customer service.” The Financial Brand also notes how “77% of millennials look favorably on companies that offer text messaging communications.”

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OpenMarket did a great job of explaining the simplicity of bank text messaging. Beginning first with a brief overview of what different text banking messages look like and explaining the different functionality available to these financial organizations.

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In the fast-moving world of financial technology, better known as fintech, determining whether or not a partnership makes sense is a challenge in itself. This is particularly true when you are considering a collaboration with a text messaging vendor.

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Text messaging functionality is quickly being adopted by financial institutions seeking to better serve their customers. Once deployed, these leading businesses see it as an invaluable communication tool. However, it is important to understand the do’s and don’t when it comes to text messaging regulation.

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In a recent article, Nichole Wong delves into the expanding world of text messaging for banking. Wong also points out some surprising differences between email and text marketing.

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You get a text and you don’t really think about the processes it takes to get that message from sender to receiver.

However, financial institutions must think about this when implementing their own text banking options. Here’s a look into the various text messaging offerings for financial institutions and how each motivates different type of customers.

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