Credit Unions are up against tough competition when it comes to providing digital services to a young, growing population. This is particularly true when you consider how just one bad user experience can turn away a potential long-term Millennial customer permanently.

In today’s digital age, credit unions must adopt technology solutions to align with how our generation communicates. Likewise, organizations must also place a high value on engagement as well as TCPA rules and regulation.

Here are a few things to consider before your credit union dives headfirst into text messaging services:

The Do’s

Integrate SMS with your applications

There’s texting, then there’s getting your message across. A good text messaging platform will provide a direct and easy channel of communication between customers and support staff. For credit unions, it simplifies the process of applying for loans, becoming a member,  and solving online banking inquiries.  and opt-in to marketing solutions. Additionally, text messaging services should offer this as a streamlined process that is serviceable through both mobile and web. 

Optimize your omnichannel support

Ideally, if you up your omnichannel game, you’ll be on the path to success. However, managing your omnichannel support should also be a priority. Utilizing text as a solution to common banking problems, such as checking account balances, is a step in the right direction. 

Create workflow automation

Is your workplace seemingly slow and inefficient? There’s a solution for this – use text messaging services to increase workflow automation.  Text messaging automation for banking reduces human error, allow employees to become more efficient and effective, and enhance overall communication with your members. When it comes down to it, this makes a big difference in how efficiently your credit union runs day-to-day.

The Don’ts

Mass or bulk SMS messaging

Some people love to get text messaging related to their banking, others don’t. This is why opt-in for text messaging solutions exist. It might be tempting to send out a mass, impersonal text to every single member, but it won’t end up well if you do. Not only does it break the law to send to people who don’t want it, but it lowers your members’ trust.

Text without a clear opt-in strategy

If there’s one thing you can take away from this post, it’s knowing that sending unsolicited text messages is against the law. For more information about how sending unauthorized text violates the federal TCPA, visit our recent post.

Wait too long to respond

Customers like to be helped, and this is especially true for an industry that deals with a person’s hard earned money. This is why it is important to utilize text messaging solutions that work for customers, which means responding to customers in a timely fashion. Otherwise, the investment you spent on your text messaging service could be in vain.

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