A Harvard Business Review poll noted that the most critical part of customer satisfaction is reducing customer effort.

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There’s no denying that technology has changed the way that people communicate, for better or worse.

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Most people who have a smartphone utilize it for more than just phone calls.

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There are reasons why banks and other financial institutions are adopting mobile-based platforms for their customers: It fosters a sense of closeness that has been lost in the business of the modern world.

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Shep Hyken of Forbes points out several ‘frightening statistics’ in the world of customer service — something that all leading businesses must master at one point or another. In his piece, Hyken’s focuses less on the impact of customer retention and more on the monetary impact of poor customer service.

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Over the last decade, banking technology has expanded rapidly with the growth of several new communication channels to improve the user experience. And the expansion of these new digital cross-channels can be attributed to a single group — Millennials.

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