There is a good chance you have used a shortcode at some point when communicated by SMS with a business organization, whether it be in the financial services, retail, travel, or transportation industry.

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The financial industry is seeing an emergence of digital technology, delivering enhanced experiences to customers who demand convenience, accessibility and easy-to-use platforms.

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Think that adults age 40 and over are your biggest worry? Think again. When it comes to servicing the largest group of potential customers, this role goes to the Millennial population and is closely followed by Generation Z. For this specific audience, the digital user experience takes a much higher priority.

While in-person or over-the-phone interactions may have been the preferred method in the past, the next generation of banking customers are challenging this idea, and backing it up with surprising statistics. 

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Over the last year, the Elle text messaging platform continues to advance with new benefits and features the banking industry. Today, we are highlighting on such addition that our banking partners have been taking advantage of recently – collecting loan and new account documentation by text messaging.

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In a recent article by The Financial Brand, Alex Kreger describes the complexities of banking for a Millennial customer. It is important to consider this age group, argues Kreger, as it is estimated that before 2025 Millennials will control $7 trillion in global assets.

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Over the last decade, banking technology has expanded rapidly with the growth of several new communication channels to improve the user experience. And the expansion of these new digital cross-channels can be attributed to a single group — Millennials.

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Shastic has signed on five new customers in the first month of 2018. The recent growth follows the company’s early launch of Elle, a conversational text messaging platform built for credit unions. Elle is an expansion of their automation services to deliver efficient, real-time message communication between credit unions and their members.

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