Everyone has experienced at least one instance in which they’ve had a lackluster customer service experience. The best that companies can hope for with those is that they fall to the wayside, but they can quickly become the bane of a company’s existence

Good customer service, on the other hand, sticks in a customer’s mind and is a statistically viable reason for a customer to return to a company’s products. Therefore, the most cutting-edge companies available today are the ones that set up platforms through which their customers can effectively communicate with them.

How to Control Interactions Without Creating a Negative Customer Experience

One thing that many financial institutions are continuing to struggle with is having control over the interactions that they foster with their customers. Fintech companies have started to think beyond the conversational when it comes to evaluating meaningful experiences. Since communication has become largely non-verbal (through the advancement of messaging systems) it is important that interactions are not thought of solely as communicative, but also as assistive. In this way, meaningful experiences with customer service have evolved from whether or not a customer service agent was pleasant and helpful to what services banks and financial institutions can provide to help meet the needs of busy and independent customers.

Platforms, like Elle, can allow financial institution customers with the help that they need without having to interact with someone in a situation that clashes with their time needs. While this might seem contradictory to providing someone with a meaningful experience, it actually allows customers to interact meaningfully with the institution as a whole when the institution understands their needs related to financial issues.

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