There’s no denying that technology has changed the way that people communicate, for better or worse.

How Technology Has Changed Interpersonal Interactions

But when it comes to the way that industries interact with the average person, the change has been for the better. In one way, this has put more strain on companies to find alternatives to call in lines. This is not necessarily bad, however. It just asks companies to entertain the idea that times are changing and to provide the best customer service it is essential for companies to change with those times. After all, as a recent article by Micah Solomon of Forbes pointed out, people spend five times more texting than making voice calls– This includes even the closest of family members.

Expecting Less From Customers and More of Your Company

So why would companies expect their customers to stick with older methods of communication when it isn’t even how they communicate with their own family?

Micah Solomon points out that the best companies are not doing this. Financial technology has finally evolved to the point that all forms of social media and modern communication can be utilized. While many large companies are adopting customer service communication platforms that allow them to reach out to customers on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms, this is not always needed in the case of all companies. Just making simple steps, like adopting a text solution for customer service, can mean the difference between poor customer service interactions and interactions that promote future business. In fact, the ability to spread out a conversation over a period that works for a customer, rather than the customer being glued to a phone conversation for 6 minutes or more.

In general, text and voice-alternate solutions almost always lead to more efficient and better customer service. To read more about text messaging solutions, read Micah Solomon’s recent Forbes article. For more information on Elle, check out the platform here.