A common goal for marketing professionals at credit unions is getting the right content to the right audience at the right time. So, you put extra effort into your strategy. You categorize and target your member audience to specific financial products or promotions. You make your email and social media posts engaging. You offer fun and interactive sweepstakes.

However, despite this effort, you notice your members are not responding at the same rate as they have in the past.

Widespread Adoption

If this sounds like your credit union, don’t worry. You’re not alone. A fundamental change is happening with how American consumers communicate with businesses. Here are some reasons why they’re not responding to your emails, Facebook ads, and direct marketing campaigns:

  • They prefer texting. Statistics show that Americans drastically prefer texting when it comes to communicating with people they are potentially going to be doing business worth – an overwhelming 98% of marketing texts are opened, with almost half of those texts being responded to.
  • Messaging is more popular and accessible. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger remain the some of the highest used applications available today, with nearly 6 billion messages being sent daily from these two apps.
  • Texts are easy. Texts are shorter to digest – people can read them quickly and understand whether an offer is for them, giving them perceived control over their buying power. 

Omni-Channels Expand to Messaging 

Credit unions are seeing greater success and conversions by adding a real-time text messaging to their digital communication. Most simply see it as a better way for their message to resonate with their members.

Opening the communication channel to text-based marketing campaigns aligns with your members preferred method of interaction. With remarkably high open rates, adding a layer of text messaging into your campaigns means your promotions do not get ignored.