If you have a mobile device, chances are you’ve probably gotten an unwanted text or SMS before. They are unavoidable, ranging from unsolicited advertising to ‘special’ marketing promotions. In the end, it makes you ask how your number was made available to this person. Even worse, when customers find out a company they are affiliated with is doing this, a common knee-jerk reaction is to stop being a customer altogether.

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You get a text and you don’t really think about the processes it takes to get that message from sender to receiver.

However, financial institutions must think about this when implementing their own text banking options. Here’s a look into the various text messaging offerings for financial institutions and how each motivates different type of customers.

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The biggest concern credit unions have with text messaging is opt-in consent. All credit unions must obtain “prior written consent” from members before sending text message communication to meet FCC/TCPA compliance. So how can you automatically convert new applicants into lifelong text message recipients?

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