Despite the proven wins for financial institutions, not all credit unions are quick to adopt more efficient communication technology. Credit unions are often slower to offer their members 1-on-1 text messaging services or push SMS messaging even though it is the way members want to communicate.

Here are a few reason why credit unions should step it up when it comes to diversifying their digital conversational channels:

Single-channel call centers are less effective

Many Credit Unions have members who are frustrated by long wait times and the inability to get immediate responses to their questions. Mobile messaging is improving the customer experience because it’s the way they communicate. They want answers immediately, right on their phones, and they don’t want to wait for someone to come on the line.

Different Communication Options Help Customers Feel Secure

When it comes to money, it makes sense to want to be informed. The growing aversion to phone conversation aside, the truth is that phone contact is just not always the most effective or convenient for customers. For example, access to text message chat options for members who might not be able to make a phone call are necessary in a fast-paced world.

Texting makes happier customers

No one likes calling in to call centers, and the statistics show that. According to a 2014 Harris Poll, 64% of consumers prefer text messaging to other forms of customer service. Being contacted by businesses also remains taboo. Among surveyed businesses, text remains the highest rated contact method for all customers.

Bottom line, consumers prefer texting. Statistics show that Americans drastically prefer texting when it comes to communicating with people they are potentially going to be doing business worth – an overwhelming 98% of marketing texts are opened, with almost half of those texts being responded to.