In 2012, cell-phone usage was beginning to peak and was quickly becoming one of the most important tools for marketing. Text messaging, especially, was showcasing its versatility and abundance. Unfortunately for some companies, such as Jiffy Lube, little research was done into opt-in text messaging solutions before deploying to their customer base. This article highlights exactly what can happen if precautions are not taken to respect customer wishes regarding opt-in texting.

With a continued uptick in cell phone usage, mobile text message marketing is increasingly exciting for businesses. However, every organization must consider how the FCC rules and regulations on text messaging relate to their business and seek a partnership with a vendor that understands their industry.

In Jiffy Lube’s instance, they sent text messages to customers without permission by using previous sales records. This neglectful action cost the company millions of dollars because customers were not given clear opt-in options.

All in all, this story acts as a modern-day lesson. Customers like surprises — but they want them on their own terms. Think of it like a video game. There are good and bad surprises, and the good surprises are often the ones that customers know and expect. For B2C text message marketing, it’s best not to keep your customers in the dark.

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