Last week, the CreditUnionTimes featured a story about why three of Shastic’s credit union partners are integrating text messaging into their operations strategy.

This CUTimes article dives into how credit unions are using SMS text to connect to the systems they already use, including account opening, loan origination, and customer relationship management systems.

Each credit union integrates the SMS platform with their existing banking IT infrastructure to provide a smooth omnichannel experience.

Priority One explained how the adoption of the Elle text messaging platform was not a difficult transition because it is built in a way that aligns with the credit unions operations. 

“We already see members re-using the text message thread without the need to re-start the conversation through our website. We love the additional channel that Elle provides and our members love it, too.”

Daniel Ballesteros, Marketing Manager at Priority One

Spokane Federal points out how it is not just younger members texting. Spokane Federal in an informal sampling noticed chat sessions with members ranging from 18 to 77 years old. Among the benefits realized by the credit union are cost savings and improved member processing time.

“Everyone has that expectation of speed and responsiveness. All generations are using this and liking it. I’ve been thrilled at the speed at which members have adopted using this tool. It’s just happened very organically and naturally.”

Susan Cerutti-Jensen, Marketing Director at Spokane Federal 

Lastly, CorePlus Credit Union developed a plan that included training, launching and promoting the technology to members. The team strategically placed the software tools across their financial product web pages and inside their mobile app.

“Our members wanted to communicate via text message. It’s the new way now. People don’t want to be tied to talking on the phone. We feel that member engagement has increased quite a bit.”

Jessica Peck, eService Manager at CorePlus

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