Text messaging is no longer considered a complicated, high-tech decision for banks and credit unions. Statistics show that text message for banking is critical to efficiently service customers in today’s world. Furthermore, a majority of financial institutions see text message as a gateway to provide consumers with a better digital experience.

Texting is now a service consumers expect

Shastic’s very own CEO,  Joseariel Gomez, says “over 50% of customers prefer text messaging to traditional contact center methods.” In fact, baby boomers use text services almost as much as the customers from younger generations.

But what is text message contact good for? In addition to account balances, transfer help, and other “online” banking options, text solutions for loans are quickly becoming some of the most widely used text banking practices.

Text messaging for loan applications

Shastic is leading the pack in these services, and have already welcomed dozens of new credit unions into their group of customers using their texting solution, Elle. Elle allows customers to talk with a representative about loan qualification, rates, and applications.

Another perk is that having a process in place to reach the full spectrum of your customer base. This includes those with disabilities, which affect 1 of 8 people. Customers who are hard of hearing or have sensory issues can also greatly benefit from the availability of text messaging services.

In summary, more and more financial institutions are identifying the benefits of text messaging services for their banking operations. For both businesses and consumers, it continues to make banking a little bit easier, while making your customers happier simultaneously.