Even before the dawn of text-based everything, David Wachs and other marketers knew that SMS-based marketing was the future of marketing. The evidence for SMS-based marketing was what prompted Wachs to write this article, which details the five most important things, in his opinion, to utilizing this underrated marketing option.

First and foremost, he asserted, common sense is why every business should use text messaging. After all, more and more people are opting-in to text message-based communication. The statistics were increasingly in favor of text-based marketing being superior to other marketing methods for the standards of today.

Then, there was the type of audience that marketers are looking at. Their customers were looking for trust based on two identifiers: that their brand knew they were highly-engaged and that their brand was willing to continue a highly-engaged conversation with them. Both of these understand that texting is the most optimal way to communicate with their customers.

Lastly, it was important for marketers to look at the nature of texting as a form of marketing. Not only does it allow more customers into physical locations — supporting an ongoing online and physical community — but it is effective in tracking the value of an advertisement.

In summary, Wachs was ahead of his time, predicting that SMS would eventually become the preferred method of marketing just five years later.