Email is attached to everything today in your career and your personal life. With this widespread exposure, it is understandable why so businesses flock to the simple email as a means of marketing. But emailing might not be the best way to reach your audience.

We have summarized below four reasons why email has taken a backseat to recent innovations in SMS communication for companies:

People Don’t Open Emails

Research shows an outstanding 99% open rate for text messages. However, the same research explains only 30% of emails are opened at best.

Text Messaging Better for Active Communication

By providing concise information to your customers via text, you can communicate the same services you would by email, but delivered it in a way they can quickly engage. This is apparent when you take a closer look at the response rates for text messaging compared to email. 

Response Times are Much Higher

When the issue is leading a horse to the water, it’s always best to lead it in a way that it prefers. There is a big discrepancy between response times for text versus email, with a lightning fast 90 second response time for SMS. 

Data is Trackable and Verifiable

One of the greatest successes of marketing comes from the ability to track customer data. SMS has proven to be one of the most verifiable ways of tracking customer data — leaving room for more accurate analytics across your business.

While we don’t necessarily believe that the emails days are numbered, the usefulness of text message marketing has proven to be a powerful tool for organizations. Time will tell who wins the communication race.