An article covered in Entrepreneur points out a few things that really do not change much over time — customers, regardless of demographics, always want the same basic things. Author, Derek Gehl breaks down a few approaches to with getting these customers to opt-in to offers that speak to this mindset.

Customers have busy and complex lives, and something as simple as opting into a list can seem like an extra hurdle to jump over. That is why it is important for companies to think like customers, and that involves providing them with incentives for their extra efforts.

What Gehl goes on to discuss are some of the more creative ways this can ben be done. While they might not all fit in with the goals and abilities of financial institutions, they do offer insight into what customers look for in their incentives.

Monetary incentives remain one of the top choices, but other incentives could include ways in which their lives might be made easier by opting in. Also, the potential to win something if they do opt-in is a big motivator.

Whatever you choose as an incentive, Gehl argues, it is important to remember that an initial goal and a subsequent strategy to achieve that goal must be implemented prior to offering incentives.

You can read the full article here.