Our mission is to automate lending

Shastic is a technology company that builds robotic automation infrastructure for the digital-first generation of banking. Lenders of every size—from startups to financial organizations—use our software to automate repetitive tasks and speed up their processes.

The potential of robotic

Despite the rising demand for digital lending services, many financial organizations are slow to make the shift from traditional banking to digital banking automation. Lending automation helps to mitigate business risk by modernizing operations through a configurable, personalized, and responsive approach. Removing the bottlenecks with processing helps reduce loan management time, accelerating growth for financial companies, and offering an enhanced experience for your customers.

We are delighted to work with some of the best organizations in the country

Financial businesses across the U.S. are embracing automation, waving goodbye to mundane workflow, and getting back thousands of hours!

University FCU, credit union using Elle Automation
General Electric, a trusted client of Shastic
FCCU, a trusted client of Shastic
Canopy, a trusted client of Shastic
Park Community, a trusted client of Shastic
CME uses Elle for robotic process automation
Educators uses Elle for easy communication
Cabrillo, a trusted client of Shastic
Patriot, a trusted client of Shastic
FCCU uses Elle for faster application processing
TruMark, a trusted client of Shastic
University uses Elle for workflow automation

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