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Experience Magic Efficiencies Today. It’s that Simple.

Discover how Shastic’s Banking AI-Workflow-Automation platform is delivering automated AI engagement and enterprise-wide efficiencies for consumer and mortgage lending with minimal IT lift (and a wave of our wand).

Exponential Efficiences

Transform your time-consuming manual processes in minutes.

Real Time Engagement

Immediate engagement and solutions delivery.

Continuous AI Learning

Cloud-based AI aggregated learning with no lengthy training.

Connects In Minutes

Minimal IT involvement with immediate results.

Save 50 percent in processing costs
Improve 33 percent in response time
Cut 30 percent of collection calls

Learn how the Shastic Magic Platform seamlessly integrates with your existing systems in minutes, not weeks.

Shastic Workforce


Tracks employees to trigger automated actions based on daily workflows.

Shastic Engage


Communicate in real-time with applicants to collect documents via SMS in minutes to increase processing turnaround.

Shastic Back Office

Back Office

Improve delivery across lending, account opening and collections with real time automation.

And zero upfront investment. ZERO!

Our AI-Workflow-Automation platform connects to your existing systems in minutes with minimal IT lift. From front office to back office, we magically transform banking processes to help you gain exponential efficiencies, visibility and real time solution delivery. The cloud-based AI learning engine continuously aggregates banking processes, giving you the ability to adapt quickly and seamlessly to changing customer/member needs.


Exactly what you want. Everything you deserve.

Real time engagement and solution delivery

Automated document scan/collections

Minimal IT investment and training

Continuous AI-driven banking

Infrastructure & Security

Reliable architecture at scale

Compliant, bank-grade security and data protection protocols


Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Encryption In-Transit & At-Rest

Encrypted Backups


Two-Factor Auth. (2FA)

Restricted Access Policies

Built-In Firewalls


IOS/SOC Compliant

Instant Incident Alerts

Self-Recovering Architecture


You’re in good company. Make that 'great companies'.

University FCU, credit union using Elle Automation

In this new era, where consumers are limiting branch visits and agents are working from home, maintaining real-time communication is extremely important. The Elle Platform lets us streamline the application process while providing an outstanding member experience.

Blake Graham

Executive VP/Chief Lending Officer

FCCU, a trusted client of Shastic

Given the recent events resulting in the temporary closure of branch lobbies, it’s important to utilize every tool available to maintain a human connection while practicing social distancing. We feel Elle is extremely valuable in identifying and meeting our needs, allowing us to reinforce personal connections with our members.

Rito Garza

Executive Vice President/Chief Information Officer at First Community Credit Union

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