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Easy lead generation

Shastic delivers qualified leads straight to your loan officers' inboxes in real-time, making it easy for you to follow up on prospects and monetize marketing campaigns.
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Simple, fast installation

Shastic installs in minutes on all major mobile banking, online and social media platforms. No integration or internal resources required - it's so easy, it's essentially a non-project.
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No maintenance required

Shastic automatically pulls your interest rates for your different products straight from your rates tables, eliminating the need for maintenance. You can tie your "As low as" rates, average rates, risk-based rates, or any type of rates you have.

Data insights into your sales funnel

Shastic can help your track your sales efforts and identify bottlenecks in your funnel by tracking purchasing behavior and conversion rates, as well as how many people make it through each stage of your loan application process, from initial visit to completed application.
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Seamless experience from looking-to-booking

Shastic takes digital shoppers straight from looking at your product to applying for a loan in one smooth, link-based process. For them, if feels as if they have never even left your mobile app, website or Facebook page.

Simple, affordable pricing.

A single loan pays for your Shastic tool. Start seeing results within days of installation.
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See where your Financial Institution ranks...

The Shastic Index is the nation's first innovation index for financial institutions, and was featured in Forbes, Credit Union Times, Credit Union Journal, and other publications. Determine where your FI stands in the digital landscape today.

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